Research & Science

  • NCGR Research Resources (Facilitates astrological research by providing guidelines, articles, information and links to online research resources)


Article Collections

  • Astrology by Hand (Rob Hand on the dialogue between heaven and earth: astrology's relationship to science, magic, language and consciousness; several dozen thought-provoking articles) -
  • Cosmic Patterns Astrology Articles Center (David Cochrane's page promoting astrological awareness and education. A large number of articles, many of them on research, including those by other authors)
  • CURA: The International Astrology Research Center (A large selection of research articles in four languages, created and maintained by Patrice Guinard) -
  • List of positive studies published in scientific journals (Robert Currey's compilation of statistically significant results published in peer reviewed journals) -

Organizations & Publications


  • Astrology News Service (A non-profit news and information agency for the astrological community, jointly commissioned by ISAR, NCGR, AFAN and AFA, and managed by Edward Snow) -