"Sit down before fact as a little child, be prepared to give up every preconceived notion, follow humbly wherever and to whatever abysses nature leads, or you shall learn nothing. I have only begun to learn content and peace of mind since I have resolved at all risks to do this." 
(Thomas Huxley)


A summary of quantitative research done to date (especially since 1976) and space for active research projects.

Seminal publications on research:

  • Dean, G. A., & Mather, A. (1977). Recent advances in natal astrology: A critical review, 1900-1976. Subiaco, W.A: Analogic. Although not entirely objective, this is still the go-to resource for astrology research.
  • Phillipson, G. (2000). Astrology in the year zero. London: Flare Publication.
  • Dean, G. A., Mather, A., Nias, D. K., & Smit, R. (2016). Tests of astrology: A critical review of hundreds of studies. Amsterdam: AinO Publications. Strongly biased against astrology but a good resource nonetheless.

Lists and reviews of research:

  • Contemporary research projects are listed on Manfred Zimmel's CORA page.
  • Some of the most frequently cited claims of evidence are reviewed on Ken McRitchie's site, Astrological Review Letters.
  • Robert Currey's list of studies that are supportive of astrology and published in peer-reviewed journals: Astrology Research.
  • Rudolf Smit's Astrology and Science archive, a large collection of evidence-based studies putting astrology under the microscope. A very extensive but biased resource.

Description of research methods:

Lunar effect

The most comprehensive categorized and annotated collection of publications on how the Moon influences our lives:


A few defining articles on research can be downloaded from below.



The state of research