Center for Objective Research in Astrology (CORA)

From the website:

Our mission is to facilitate astrological research using the scientific method by way of providing a forum for ideas and research projects.

"Science can only be created by those
who are thoroughly imbued with the aspiration 
toward truth and understanding."
(Albert Einstein)

Astrology is the study of relationships between celestial configurations and earthly affairs. It comprises a broad spectrum of relationships, some accepted within the scientific community (such as diurnal, seasonal and gravitational effects), and others outside of current scientific thought (such as the existence of signs, correlation with human behavior, and the validity of predictive methods).

Objective Astrology is that branch of astrology that uses the scientific method to discover quantifiable relationships between earthly and celestial phenomena, whether or not an underlying physical principle in support of such relationships is known at this time.

Note: Astrology is often described by the scientific community as a subject that lies outside mainstream academic studies, and many scientists regard this discipline as a pseudoscience or superstition. The definition adapted by our organization is simpler and more comprehensive than most. This also restores astrology to its proper historic context by keeping the demarcation independent of cultural trends, political motivations and religious or scientific paradigms.

Our vision is to search for truth without compromise, which is reflected in the definition of the subject under study.

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